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Zerebra Agro®

unique growth stimulator with fungicidal properties based on silver

— Principally new preparation

— New active substance - particles of colloidal silver modified with molecules of polyhexamethylene biguanide

— Zerebra - growth stimulator and pesticides synergist


Meant for:

  • Presowing treatment of seeds of cereals and tubers of potato seeds
  • Spraying of vegetative plants



  • Expressed phytostimulating action
  • Crop capacity increase
  • Expressed bactericidal and fungicidal activity against main plant pathogenic organisms of grains and potato
  • Decrease of pesticide load
  • Economic-efficient use
  • Low toxicity for humans and animals
  • Compatible with traditional insecticides and fungicides in container mixtures, increases their effect
  • Stays well on leaves and stems 



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